Bape Box Logo Tees (2000-2001)

Way back in 2000, one of the biggest and subsequently most-coveted Box Logo collaborations debuted. Supreme reached beyond the five boroughs of New York and looked to the East to join up with Bape – Japan's iconic and omnipresent fashion brand. Founded by Nigo in 1993, Bape (previously known as A Bathing Ape) gained worldwide popularity as one of the most progressive streetwear labels, finding its way into the mainstream without losing its credibility amongst the aficionados. After realizing that both brands shared the same distribution partner, Nigo's interest in Supreme set the foundations for a credible and sincere partnership born out of mutual respect. Following strong support from the Japanese scene, Supreme opened up their first store in Daikanyama in 1998, leading to a current total of six stores across Japan.

With both brands playing active roles within Japan's street culture, a collaborative Box Logo project seemed inevitable. Launching in 2000, and with a follow-up series dropping a year later in 2001, a total of fifteen colors of the Bape camouflage Box Logo were created, all printed on premium white tees. Released in-store over a two-year period, only 100 tees of each individual colorway were ever available, meaning that only 1500 of these rare Box Logo tees exist in total.

Unsurprisingly, this series is regarded as one of the most challenging sets of Box Logo tees to complete, regardless of condition. With that in mind, seeing the full set in deadstock or almost-perfect condition is truly something to behold – truly a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

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