About The Collection

The Box Logo Collection is the first and only complete collection of every Supreme Box Logo Tee ever released at retail: the result of several years' worth of determination, hard work and investment, taking the curator across the world in his quest to complete the challenge.

From the very first white and red offering through to some of the extremely-desirable collaboration releases, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the full archive assembled together in one place.

The breadth of the collection spans a far wider spectrum than you may imagine, with multiple diffusion ranges and themed sub-collections within the group. Tonally-matched renditions of the logo sit alongside official collaboration variations with Bape and Comme des Garçons, whilst unsanctioned editions involving brands such as Burberry and Coca-Cola hide in the background, eager to avoid the mighty cease-and-desist order.

Other themes such as gang culture, abstract expressionism and contemporary music labels are showcased in the form of bandana-style patterns, spattered paint (reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's canvases) and an arrangement of atoms and circles from the hands of graffiti legend Futura, as utilized by Mo'Wax and its associated music acts such as James Lavelle’s UNKLE ensemble and DJ Shadow.

Ever since its conception as a simple retail store identity back in 1994, Supreme's ubiquitous Box Logo is more than the sum of its parts.

Taking inspiration from conceptual artist Barbara Kruger's bold use of typography and color, the Box Logo has become an omnipresent symbol that means many different things to many people. To some, it has become an icon that represents little more than dollar signs, representing an immense secondary marketplace, where consumers buy and sell treasured items for vast profits and recognition.

To others, it's a vivid symbol that exemplifies the touchpoint where streetwear meets the mainstream, equally at home on both the sidewalk and the catwalk alike.

But to those who have witnessed the brand develop from a simple Lower East Side hang-out and retail store into a global billion-dollar company, the Box Logo will always have one thing at its core: skateboarding and its associated subcultures.

Whilst Supreme continues to push the boundaries of streetwear and skate clothing with its high-end, uncompromising collaborations with everyone from Levi's to Louis Vuitton, the Box Logo is the pumping heart of the brand, as highly-coveted today as it was back in 1994.

It has become the brand's signature, featuring on almost every item in each season's collection of clothing, accessories and collaboration projects, but it has never been better situated than when isolated and positioned on the front of a T-shirt.

The Supreme Box Logo Tee embodies more than 25 years of street culture, with skateboarding within its DNA and as a graphic device, it is almost unparalleled in being both ubiquitous and prevalent but never reaching the point of over-saturation. 


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