Gold Bling '99 & '13

Gold Bling (1999)

The first of three editions of the Gold Bling Box Logo tees, these debuted in 1999, in five different colorways. Often thought to be one of the less-coveted themes, especially when stacked up against the other Box Logo offerings, the theme-specific t-shirt colorways are now virtually impossible to find. This is part-due to the age of the collection, but primarily because of their general lack of popularity at the time of release.


Gold Bling (2013)

The second release of the metallic-themed design came in seven colorways, including hues not seen in the preceding round. In similar fashion to the Kaws Box Logo tees, several colors from the first series were dropped and replaced with new options. Whether this added extra appeal to this often-overlooked series remains up for debate.

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